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An Eggcentric 18-Font Type Family

Yolk is an Eggcentric Sans Serif Typeface consisting of nine weights in both roman and italic. Essentially, this is a geometric sans typeface that has been inspired by the shape and proportions of an egg.

The capital /O/ is in effect the outline of an egg – its proportions then dictate the form of the rest of the glyphs, giving the letterforms an eccentric, quirky feel. This typeface is consequently narrower than many other geometric sans fonts.

Yolk features an extensive Latin character set covering 200+ languages. Small caps and petite caps are included as standard – simply select “Small Caps” in your design app, if you prefer Petite Caps, then change your selection to add Stylistic Set 1.

The petite caps are designed to harmonise with the weight of the standard lowercase letterforms, this enables you to create unicase-style typography by switching on/off the small caps/stylistic set 1 options.


Yolk chosen as one of Fontspring’s Best Fonts of 2019.

Release Date July 2019
Classification Sans Serif
No. of Fonts 18
Weights & Styles
  • Hairline & Italic
  • Thin & Italic
  • Light & Italic
  • Regular & Italic
  • Medium & Italic
  • Semibold & Italic
  • Bold & Italic
  • Black & Italic
  • Ultra & Italic
Small Caps Yes
Petite Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 1,000+
Figures Proportional, Old Style, Small Cap, Fractions, Superior, and Inferior
European Language Support Latin Extended

Please try the fonts here for yourself using the Type Tester. If you like what you see, you can purchase Yolk from my reseller partners. Be sure to check all the links as promotions are available occasionally.



What can I say? I had been eating a LOT of eggs prior to designing this typeface. While smashing the tip of a hard-boiled egg one morning, it occurred to me that a geometric sans where the proportions of the typeface were governed by the shape of an egg had perhaps not been tried before. Why haven’t other type designers attempted this? Was it that ridiculous an idea?

I thought it was worth trying to see if I could make it work…

With its bottom-heavy glyphs, Yolk has an unusual personality – it’s not too odd to be off-putting, and it’s not too normal to become lost amongst the myriad of generic geometric sans fonts currently available. Hopefully, I’ve managed to achieve a good balance of character, versatility and usability.

Polyphonic - Refined Elegance Perfected Polyphonic - Refined Elegance Perfected Polyphonic - Refined Elegance Perfected Polyphonic - Refined Elegance Perfected Polyphonic - Refined Elegance Perfected



There are over 1000 glyphs in each Yolk font – please be sure to download the Sample Text PDF to check them all out. Those 1000 glyphs are there to cover all Latin-based languages across the regular upper and lowercase sets, as you’d expect, and for small caps and petite caps too. The coverage is comprehensive and I believe you will get great value from them.

As with many of my previous typefaces, Yolk’s petite caps harmonise with the regular lowercase glyphs, this means you can mix and match them to create some pretty cool unicase-style typography. I always find this feature especially useful when designing identities and branding projects.

The italics are a little more flamboyant in Yolk and also feature a single alternate (plus all relevant diacritics), and that is for the /u/ glyph which is more rounded than its regular option – I think of it as my breakfast egg, with its top quarter lopped off!

I hope you enjoy using Yolk as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thank you,



Please note that each font here has a very limited character set.
Please visit my font reseller partners to access all glyphs in the entire family.

I am made of Yolk.

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